Anonymous asked:
if you could have stayed in any country for any reason, what country would it be and for what reason?

England- for all the lovely people and for someone special 

Nepal- for my family , my culture , food and weather and my best friends

Hawaii or thailand - For the sea side , the warmth , the culture and food (thai) :) 

Sorry for the late reply hun <3

Sawwwy sorryyy sorry ^__^

Guys I know all this year pretty much I haven’t been present on this blog , I still update my personal one (quitworkbecomeaninja) time to time but this year has gone by sooo fast. 

I mean I have literally 3 months till I graduate , that is INSANE… 

But here are new updates of life 

-March : End of year thesis ( my theme is - Does the right to posses an arm reduce crime?) 

- 6 April: CROATIA with my class for our last journey together wooohoooooo :) 

9 April - 6 months with my babycakes :)

22 april- BIRTHDAY :) 

June- Examssss -.-

July - ROCK WERTCHERRRR festival - arctic monkeys, kings of leon , stromae ,  major lazer , black keys , ellie golding , imagine dragons :) 

10 july - travelling back home to nepal with boyfriend :D 

BUT I WILL TRY UPDATE MORE IN THE SUMMER :) (nepal internet is shitty but we will see) :3